Reiki Master Training.

I recently came across the story of Owen Coleman and his path to Reiki master training.
Owen started to tell me how he first heard about Reiki, as he suffered from excruciating lower back pain. He was taking so many painkillers that his wife was beside herself.

He was desperate to find a solution to his ongoing situation. He was having fa conversation with a friend and they told me him to meet with his “healer”.

Meeting The Healer

As you can imagine he rolled his eyes thinking, “Oh boy, here we go. Another dead-end I’ll have to pay for with money he didn’t have.

When he got there, there was just an old man and table to lie down on.

He just asked him to lie down and after he did… something happened. He felt this warmth right where his back pain was. Then, he felt a vibration.

Then, ALLof his tension, anxiety, and stress just left his body and mind like sheets of metal falling off him.

Reiki Relief

When he got up, he felt total relief. The pain was gone. Totally gone.

How could the healer take away all that pain like that, when he had tried so many other things?

Learn All About Reiki

After that life-changing event, he just wanted to learn all about Reiki…

He quickly signed up for his own training.

And after attaining the first level, he discovered he DIDN’T have the abilities he was supposed to. so his teacher told him he needed to complete the NEXT level to fully attain them.

If you want to learn how Owen set out and achieve his Reiki Masters Training just click on the link and you’ll be guided through the process….good luck.